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Gobs and swabs have inseparable jobs
It’s the decks of deck gray  
It’s the sides of haze gray
It’s the salt, oh the never ending salt
As gob after gob wears out swab after swab
I mean this is true just as the seawaters are blue   
A good seasoned gob is worth a million swabs
The Boatswain Mate said, “tat to,” no one knew what to do
“I’m not on watch, I’m in section two”
The meaning is here if you have ever been there
The Boatswain Mate said, “this is section two
and you know what to do”

James E Johnson, BMC (10-21-85)

Sea Lovers

As I looked at the Sea
As a lover looks at his mistress from a distance
The salt air, the sound of the waves,
The feel of the water beneath my feet
The yearning of wanting to be with her
Ah Yes! As I look at the Sea

James E Johnson, BMC (3-23-80)