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"In Feb. 1957 the Winston was decommissioned in the San Francisco area.  I remember
when they filmed the movie “Good Shepherd”.  I believe we had to paint over the AKA 94
on the bow and also we had to wear certain hats etc when on deck."
Larry Morris

"Interesting you are showing two of the ship photos supplied to you several years ago  by
yours truly.  The photo on the left, entering SF Bay, was sent to me by about 30 years ago
from the old NPC Anacostia on request, and is an official US Navy photo, stamped on the
back, etc. The color photo is my 35mm Kodachrome slide, taken in Sasebo in May 1953,
about three months  before the Korean War truce.    That was about half way thru my 15
months aboard  the Winston  -- well over a half century ago.  Yikes!"
Carl Bachle